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An intensive, interactive environment for TV, video and film editors that fosters creativity and the exchange of ideas at the highest level.


Five Days of Sessions in Multiple Tracks.
Award-Winning Keynote Speakers.
Daily Social Networking with Experts.
Numerous Prizes.
Now in its fifth year, the Editors Retreat has become an annual gathering for the post-production elite. Highly experienced editors from the worlds of film, TV and video come together to network, exchange ideas, share tips and of course, have fun! To ensure that only the best of the best attend, participation is subject to an application and screening process.

Running for 5 days and 4 nights, the Editors Retreat offers advanced sessions on post, visual and audio techniques and features valuable insight into emerging trends and technologies. An equal amount of time will be devoted to discussing the creativity, craft and business practices of successful editors.

Past keynote attendees have included such names as Alan Heim, Sally Menke, Stuart Bass, Chris Franklin, David Helfand, Dan Lebental and Maysie Hoy. Other Retreat alumni include representatives from HBO, FRONTLINE, MTV, Lockheed Martin, Harpo Productions and Telemundo, as well as Apple, Avid and Adobe experts.

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