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Denver, Colorado

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Thanks for visiting my Vimeo page!

I am an Army Veteran [INFANTRY], DJ (yes, with records) and I love to tell stories with moving pictures.

I have done stand up comedy and worked on a television pilot. I have produced films ( and worked most positions behind the camera. I love editing and post production work just as much as the other aspects of film-making. I learn on every shoot I am on and will one day produce feature films.

I love entertaining people.

Having an audience connect with my characters is better than having a high paying job that I dislike.

On here you will find my professional works (once released by artist) as well as a few school projects. I chose to make films instead of writing papers and found it amazing how many teachers let me do it. I hope you enjoy.

Feel free to ask any questions you like.

CenterLaneMedia is my small production company.

I am very passionate to make the best possible films... entertaining.

Feel free to visit my site at:

Take Care

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