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  1. 10:07:34

    2012-2013 Webinar Archives

    by EdTechTeacher

    11 Videos

    Video recordings of webinars from the 2012-2013 school year.

  2. 33:10

    McGraw-Hill: Technology in Social Studies Classrooms

    by EdTechTeacher

    8 Videos

    This series of videos, produced by McGraw-Hill Networks, features EdTechTeacher's Tom Daccord and Justin Reich as they explore the impact of technology on social studies and history classrooms.

  3. 30:14

    GarageBand Tutorials

    by EdTechTeacher

    7 Videos

    EdTechTeacher Tutorials for Garageband

  4. 01:34:16


    by EdTechTeacher

    5 Videos

    All Tutorials about Wikispaces

  5. 25:04

    Google Docs

    by EdTechTeacher

    5 Videos

    Tutorials for working with Google Docs

  6. 04:43

    Blogger Tutorials

    by EdTechTeacher

    3 Videos

    Information about getting started with Blogger

  7. 15:54

    For the eBook

    by EdTechTeacher

    3 Videos

    For iPads in the Classroom eBook

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