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Based in Singapore Avi Z LIRAN (MBA Marketing and
Entrepreneurship, BA Economics) is an innovator and
optimism philosopher Avi is a delightfully upbeat
inspirational educator, trainer, and Keynote
motivational speaker for EDtS ™ +Positive Change
and Genuine CARE Service from the HEART.
Avi delivers entertaining keynotes, ice breakers and
educational workshops to a wide variety of organizations, businesses and individuals. Avi comes with a wealth of business management experience both in the private and the government sectors. He served as VP marketing of ICT companies, founded, managed and sold an advertising agency.

In 1996, he founded the Honeycomb group, an investment boutique
house working with top companies such as Singapore Telecom and listed real estate companies. Avi served in senior deputy director positions in the Ministry of Industry and Trade then served as the Trade and Tourism Commissioner (1992-1996) in Singapore, overseeing Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

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