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Award-winning Writer, Director and Producer, Eduardo A. Garcia has written and directed over eight short films and three music videos, as well as written two feature films that are ready for production.

Among Mr. Garcia's many Film Festival achievements are: Best LGBT Film from the South African International Film Festival for Queen, a campy comedy about three drag queens and three rough-trade men who party hard, gossip about Marlon Brando's sexuality, and dance to Cab Calloway in a slummy, down town apartment in Jersey City. Queen was proudly featured at the Seattle International Film Festival, the Athens International Film Festival, The Rhode Island International Film Festival, and the Seattle True Independent Film Festival, among others.

Mr. Garcia's writing accomplishments extend internationally, winning First Place at both the European Independent Film Festival as well as the Mexico International Film Festival for his script A Coward Never Bled, an action adventure about a team of deep sea salvage experts, helmed by a captain anchored to a boyhood tragedy, who must save a burning cargo ship before it sinks. A Coward Never Bled went on to win Third Place at the Las Vegas Film Festival, successfully became a finalist at the Sacramento International Film Festival, and was selected as a Finalist at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, among other notable wins and selections.

Additional wins and accomplishments include Best Technical Achievement for his short Aeon, a tragic romance about love, mystery, and murder. Furthermore, Mr. Garcia's feature script, L'Orfeo, about a struggling photographer who checks into an inner city hotel to find inspiration and salvation, has earned recognition from the 4th Annual Screen Play Shootout, won the Quarter Finalist spot at the Back in the Box Screenplay Competition, and went on to win the Seven Summits Award at the Mountain Film Festival.

Most recently, Mr. Garcia wrote and directed, Please Hang Up And Try Again, a new short film presented via the perspective of one-sided phone conversations. We follow three lovelorn individuals as they navigate the lonely streets of Los Angeles at night: one who ends a tattered relationship, one who longs for a past love, and one who seductively initiates a new tryst. Please Hang Up And Try Again will start its tour of the festival circuit in early 2012.

Eduardo A. Garcia, a Colorado native whose motto is "spilling light," has been tinkering with the form of moving images since childhood. He studied film in New York, Italy, and Texas; and always seeks to strengthen his extensive understanding of film built on the artistic purity of attentive, smart filmmaking. True to form, when he spills light across the screen, he never ever cleans it up.

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