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Eduardo A. Garcia is an award-winning writer and director from Austin, Texas. His films and scripts, embracing the moral ambiguity between good and evil, have gained international attention by winning and being featured in countless film festivals worldwide.

Eduardo's stories center around emotionally wrenching, isolated characters clinging to obsessions, unfulfilled desires, and revenge. His visual aesthetic embodies the high contrast between light and shadow, accentuating the dark themes of moral ambiguity while seizing the irresistibly of the noir ethos.

Among Eduardo's many achievements, his work has won the top prize at the European Independent Film Festival, the International Film Festival South Africa, and the Mexico International Film Festival. He has been an official finalist at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, the Sacramento International Film Festival, the Latino Screenplay Competition, and the Screenplay Shootout. The Denver Underground Film Festival awarded Eduardo the Best Technical Achievement Award while the Mountain Film Festival selected Eduardo for the esteemed Seven Summits Award. Other notable festival wins are the Las Vegas Film Festival, the CineStory Screenwriting Awards, the Visionfest Screenwriting Competition, and the Back In The Box Screenplay Competition. Notable selections took him to the Seattle International Film Festival, the San Francisco Independent Film Festival, and the prestigious Austin Film Festival.

Eduardo's films have screened across the world on five continents.

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