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Since 2005 I have been learning and growing as a film and video editor. I majored in Production and Post Production at Video Symphony where I became an expert in AVID and FINAL CUT PRO and gained excellent knowledge on Post Production Equipment. I put this knowledge to work as a freelancer at Fox Reality for their Video On Demand service. I edited a Reality Show for Bigfoot Entertainment called HOLLYWOOD BOOT CAMP, that is being aired in the Phillipines. Due to the lack of staff I had to do more than the normal editing. I also worked as my own Assistant Editor and was also in charge of writing for each episode that I work on. But with such assignments this helped me grow technically and sharpened my organizational skills.

ABC called and hired me as Personal Assistant to Mike Greenberg (of Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio) for the game show, DUEL. He was terrific to work for and we are good friends now. I gained first hand knowledge on how to run a game show. It was a good change of pace to editing.

After some other gigs I went on to work for Ground Zero as an Assistant Editor on an ad campaign for Ditech.com. The footage for these ads was shot on the VIPER CAMERA and was captured direct to Hard Drive.

I been working at TRAILER PARK in their DVD Original Content Division as an Assistant Editor. In addition I recently finished editing my first feature film entitled "Tremens." This was a great experience and I learned the complexities of editing a feature length film and how to make the movie flow together seamlessly.

In my short career I have learned many lessons. I will work whatever hours it takes to make a deadline. For instance, at TRAILER PARK I had many nights where I would stay late to complete a last minute project that had to be delivered to the client by the next morning.

People I work with are amazed at my Technical Knowledge in FINAL CUT PRO and AVID because I can quickly troubleshoot any problem that arises. I am a quick learner and consider myself an expert in FINAL CUT PRO, AVID, and PROJECT/MEDIA MANAGEMENT.

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