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EFTI was born as a school in 1987 with the only purpose of teaching photography and promoting all the activities related with it.

EFTI is located on Fuenterrabía Street, Madrid. Its 2,500 sq metres are entirely dedicated to photography. Our purpose has always been to create a living space where teaching combines with exhibitions and numerous activities related to the photographic image. Our facilities include three labs, five sets, five lecture rooms, four digital labs, and a library holding more than 2,000 volumes on photography, art, and image.

Our experience during these years has placed EFTI as one of the most prestigious Photography Centres in Europe. Currently our Masters Programme is considered to be the best course among Spanish-speaking countries. We have had more than 8,000 students from 50 different countries enrolled in our different programmes.

Institutions such as the National Museum Queen Sofía, Grupo Recoletos, International News Agency EFE, the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture, and other official organisms have trusted EFTI for the formation of their teaching staff.

Our teachers are and have been some of the best professionals in the medium: photographers, artists and experts in image analysis. All of them have an extended professional career, with international exhibitions that prove their knowledge and experience. In some cases we can talk of more than 30 years of dedication to photography and a demonstrated teaching capacity.

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