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Tiago Ribeiro A.k.a Eggma is a visual artist based in Portugal

He explores the infinite interconnections between sound and image.
He has participated in a variety of projects making the most use of his ideas creating visuals regardless of genre or field.
These ideas are developed and performed in the form of audiovisual performances, installations or scenography.

Collaborating with Dub Video Connection since 2007 in several projects.
He worked at Time Warp 2012 and 2013 with Dub Video Connection in stage design, video mapping and visuals.

Since 2010 is working with Loco Dice and often collaborates with numerous artists.
In 2013 he started to work with Dj Ride, Scratch World Champion.


  1. odaibe
  2. Hiro Murai
  3. Susi Sie
  4. Nobuhiro Yamazaki
  5. SUE-C
  6. Masato TSUTSUI
  7. catarina alves
  8. Florian Born
  9. visiophone
  10. norimichi hirakawa
  11. Robert Henke
  12. Daniel Stoupin
  13. Alan Warburton
  14. pBelo
  15. BRDG
  16. Audion Music
  17. Kutay Cengil
  18. Vítor Alves Brotas

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