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Your story, our vision.

The best events in life are like stories waiting to be shared. And we at 8 Pixels possess the craft and skills for sharing great stories. An eye for detail. A flair for design. And a desire to communicate.
From on-location photography shoots, to customized multimedia platforms, to full-length motion picture projects, 8 Pixels has helmed entertaining presentations that showcase a variety of expertise including:
- Cinematic corporate video
- Commercials and advertisements
- Music video
- Training & Product video
- Event coverage
- Documentaries
- Cinematography & Photography
- Editing services, Color correction & Motion graphics
- Producing & Directing

Through these forte, 8 Pixels has established an international clientele spanning more than 20 countries worldwide, from the United States to Sweden, Hong Kong and Japan.
Visit 8pixels.com today and discover how we can help you share your story too.

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