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Syracuse, NY

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I am a visualist. From the still to moving image, I'm there behind the viewfinder. My work illustrates the human condition, and what it is like to live in our world today. Feel free to browse through the films and visit the links below.

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  1. Elevin Studios
  2. Kristof Brandl
  3. Christophe Collette, CSC
  4. Olivia Accardo
  5. Jasper J. Spanning
  6. Anthony C. Iessi
  7. Loud & Clear
  8. Denzel Deranamie
  9. kogonada
  10. Marcus Zhang
  11. Camden International Film Fest
  12. Ucon Acrobatics
  13. Gordon M. Christoph
  14. Nick Jarvis
  15. Etsy
  16. Made by Hand
  17. cole ellison
  18. Rick Mereki

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