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I am a Director, born in St. Petersburg (RUS), and a passionate filmmaker.
I love capturing the nature of human beings and working with the giving circumstances of our everyday lives.
The Human psychology, behavior and the connection to nature,
is what fascinates me the most. Being Intrigued by the qualitys that makes us who we are.


  1. Butow Maler / Wolkenschloss
  2. Björn Lingner
  3. Jeff Frost
  4. Marina Zimmermann
  5. Collectionart
  6. ShiShi Yamazaki
  7. Saman Kesh
  8. Frithjof Petersen
  9. Belka
  10. Germinal Minal
  11. Leon Friedrich
  12. Brittle
  13. Samuele De Marchi
  14. Liam Back
  15. J O H N   L I N D Q U I S T