Elaine Ng Yan Ling

London, Beijing, Hong Kong

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Elaine Ng Yan Ling has spent her MA in Design for Textile Futures ( graduated with a distinction) at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design exploring the function of shape-memory materials. She has focused on how the behaviour of natural elements can be manifested in man-made materials to enhance modern architecture and interior design. Elaine’s design principle is based on Biomimicry, focusing on hybrid materialisation of craft and technology. By programming shape memory materials she explores how tectonic movement can be achieved through natural responses to heat, light and electricity. Woven and etched patterns respond to changes in environmental conditions such as light intensity or mechanical force. With a sustainable and eco-conscious design philosophy she explores living urban textiles and their responses to sun, wind and rain.

Techno-Naturology is Elaine’s latest discovery in the relationship between natural formations and technology design. Techno-Naturology is the use of artificial technology to activate and simulate natural reactions. The concept of ‘Naturology’ tectonic motion is not only about mimicing the behaviour of nature, but also a means of evoking natural movement within an urban landscape. With this design philosophy Elaine enhances the fluidity and functional responsiveness of architecture, creating harmony within our urban environment.

Her specialized craft skills are a cross disciplinarily use of woven textiles design and three-dimensional surface design of wooden materials. The result is a constructive textile that is both an art piece and a functional material.

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