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Born: Summer of 1949
Tribe: Pueblo de Las Cruces
Civil Status: Married in the Native Tradition to a Navajo Lady. They have two children and one grandson.
Education: Traditional and University of New Mexico School of Engineering
Profession: Itinerant Shaman.

I was born in a small traditional community and was cultured by the contact of not only my parents and Grandparents that lived in the community but I was fortunate enough to have a Great grandmother's influence until I was 13. My Great grandmother's specialty was herbs and my grandmother healed by the power of touch now called Reiki, Joray etc.

At the age of five I was presented in a public ceremony to the medicine men to be blessed as a man of spiritual knowledge. I now dances with the tribe at four major feasts per year.

I now lives in Albuquerque and am on the advisory committee of the International Indigenous Coalition on the board of directors of Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge, an educational institution to take modern societies full circle. For instance from the first years of modernization, Modern civilizations educators believed that they could bring opportunities to Traditional Peoples. Traditional Cultures will now bring opportunities to the rest of the world through the lessons of Traditional Knowledge. The "Institute for Natural and Tradition Knowledge" is one of the few institutions in the Americas that are controlled by people who believe and live lives based on cultural and traditional values.

I am the founder and on the board of directors of the Church of the Spiritual Path. The purpose of Church of the Spiritual Path is to promote spiritual Unity with the Creator. Within this purpose the churches' objectives are to protect, conserve, support, educate, and promote Indigenous cultural, social, medicinal and spiritual values through the observance of spiritual and healing ceremonies along with observance of cultural and astrological events.

I am co-owner of Traditional Peoples Medicinal Herbs Inc. The purpose for which the corporation was organized is to preserve the ancient traditional medicinal herb knowledge of the Indigenous Peoples of the world by growing in the traditional way. This means planting with observation of celestial positions, proper ceremony and prayer at each step of the plants cycle of life and to teach our methods and make the products available to the public in a respectful way.
I am president of the Native Earth Bio-Culture Council a non-profit organization dedicated to plan and hold annual symposiums on food, seed sovereignty and sustainable agriculture to create awareness of the prevalence, presence and threat of genetically modified food seeds and foods. The conference will also present the available healthy, traditional, sustainable methods of agriculture that exist as viable alternatives.
I have been a participant of the Elders and Youth Council of North America since the 90’s.

I was the North American Coordinator for the first, second and third Gatherings of the Confederation of Indigenous Elders of America “The Coming Together of the Eagle and the Condor” that were held in Guatemala, Colombia and United States.