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Electronic Ink’s mission is to make technology easy to use.

Technology should work with individuals, not against them. When a person struggles with a website, application or business system, technology has broken its promise of making life easier.

Technology can – and should– communicate clearly, transact smoothly, and satisfy completely.

This is the founding principle upon which, in 1990, Harold Hambrose built Electronic Ink. Hambrose created Electronic Ink to provide insightful design solutions that solve problems by doing something radical: considering human behaviors first. It was the practice of user-centered design, before it even had a name.

With a global interdisciplinary team of researchers, designers and technologists, Electronic Ink works with organizations worldwide to solve their most complex challenges. Using a unique research and design process, we create systems, software and experiences that balance business objectives with human contexts. In collaboration with our clients, we join analytical and creative thought to produce innovative solutions and transformative results.

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