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Elegant Wedding Magazine is about unparalleled elegance, true style and sophistication inspiring the creativity in every reader and leaving the beholder awestruck. Something new is discovered each time one leafs through it, rendering it fresh with an abundant source of ideas on countless occasions.

Hundreds of brides shared our vision of style, elegance, and unparalleled creativity at the Elegant Wedding Bridal Showcase. Our goal was to bring our magazine to life and to recreate the various aspects of the wedding day with attention to detail and diversity in order to give couples a glimpse into the future and the endless possibilities.

The spectacular Windsor Ballroom provided the perfect backdrop. The finest wedding specialists in the city gathered to showcase their work, discuss creative ideas and answer any questions with a personal touch. The cameras flashed constantly as mannequins strutted the latest fashion and a flow of hors d’oeuvres and champagne transported everyone to the wedding day event.

Spectacular tables and flowers filled the space with beauty and class. Cakes and coffee were sampled, invitations were addressed, and jewellery was appreciated. The energy in the room and the feedback we have received has far exceeded our desire to turn fantasy into reality for every bride. It was a day of magic and love.

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