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Koh Tao, Thailand

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My passion lies beneath the ocean’s surface. I am a creative camera operator and film maker with thousands of hours behind the camera. For me, underwater filming is simply a force that guides me. As an experienced PADI and BSAC Dive Instructor with over 6000 dives, I have traveled all over the world. My life has been devoted to freediving, scuba diving and filming, and my journey has been long.
I began my underwater video career 11years ago filming freedivers. 9 years ago, I opened Oceans Below Underwater Video Productions and Training on Koh Tao. I still oversee the training of Professional Videographers as well as the productions.
From Humpback Whales and Great Whites in the open oceans, to the tiniest nudibranchs on tropical coral reefs, the sea’s vast riches have fallen under my lens. And my journey continues...

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