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  1. Bieszczady

    by Bieszczady joined

    49 Videos / 16 Members

    www.bieszczady.pl - witamy w Bieszczadach

  2. Web Comedy

    by Joey Malinski joined

    4,224 Videos / 1,161 Members

    A chance for Comedians to showcase their web series, stand up, or sketch comedy. Everyone is welcome..

  3. Commercials

    by Blazej Banys joined

    3,006 Videos / 632 Members

  4. After Effects / Illustration Character Animation

    by Leon Nikoosimaitak joined

    124 Videos / 92 Members

    This group is for the appreciation of character animation that has been done in After Effects, hand drawn or put together using mixed media.

  5. CG Cookie

    by CG Cookie joined

    945 Videos / 606 Members

    Have a video related to Computer Graphics? Add it to the group and help keep the education rolling around.

  6. Canon 5DHD MkIII User Group

    by The Film Artist joined

    3,045 Videos / 1,106 Members

    A pretty cool Canon 5D MKIII Group. A group for sharing creativity and videos from the new Canon 5D MKIII. Please only add videos from the new MKIII and feel free to comment and engage with the community…


    by www.carlpendle.com joined

    478 Videos / 491 Members

    I'm trying to find the best of the best food videos on vimeo and invite anyone to submit their work. I love a good food video and I set up this group to showcase the many talented people on vimeo…

  8. Premiere Pro User

    by Emrys Roberts joined

    8,554 Videos / 2,542 Members

    I am hoping premiere pro users will use this space as a center for advice, tutorials, collaboration and exploration in the world of using Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is an incredibly solid…

  9. Surrealism

    by Jay joined

    7,661 Videos / 3,798 Members

    Submit videos! Join the group! Anything hypnotic, dream-like, and cool looking, or surprising. But not mundane. We want to have our minds blown. We want to make and share video (art) that's…

  10. Mountain High Riders

    by Top Hat Productions joined

    280 Videos / 161 Members

    This group is for all the snowboarders that ride at Mountain High in So Cal. Spread the word on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or any other social networks. The more members the more views for your videos!…

  11. Colombia

    by Alex Urrutia joined

    2,371 Videos / 343 Members

    En este grupo encontraras muchos videos interesantes relacionados con este bello país, únete a nosotros para que descubras y compartas todos los videos acerca de Colombia!

  12. GoPro Videos

    by Matt Burton joined

    12.2K Videos / 4,086 Members

    User created GoPro community.

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