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Eliyahu Meir Dali (אליהו מאיר דאלי), also known as, Eli Dali (אלי דאלי), is a programmer, and a guitarist, from Natanya, Israel. Eli is mostly known, as the founder, and the leader, of the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock project, "Metal Prayer" ("תפילה מתכתית").

Eli, as a child, grew up in the 80's, and he is heavily influenced by the Heavy Metal style of that era, as can be heard in his tunes.

In 2008 - 2009, Eli was the lead guitar player, of an Israeli Rock band, called "E Sheket" ("אי שקט"). Together with "E Sheket", Eli has recorded a few singles, and did some shows.

In 2009, Eli went on to work on his solo project, "Metal Prayer" ("תפילה מתכתית") - an instrumental project of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock arrangements, of melodies of Jewish poets, and / or Jewish songs, in which the electric guitar takes the central role. This project has been incubating in Eli's heart, together with it's name ("Metal Prayer"), for years, before he actually started working on it.

The first tune, that was recorded as part of the "Metal Prayer" project, is a Heavy Metal arrangement, of the famous Jewish-traditional melody, of the famous Jewish poet, "Adon Haselichot" ("אדון הסליחות"). A video was shot, for this tune, and it became an instant hit, in Israel, after receiving a lot of interest from the press. Later, Eli would record a new version of the arrangement of "Adon Haselichot", which he is more happy with, and this late version, made it to his first album.

After recording many arrangements, of famous and less famous melodies, of Jewish poets and / or Jewish songs, and after receiving a lot of exposure, in the Israeli media (radio, TV, news web-sites, etc.), Eli released his debut album, "Metal Prayer" ("תפילה מתכתית"), on Cd's, in February 2012 (שבט ה'תשע"ב).

Eli's second ablum, titled "Israeli Steel" ("פלדה ישראלית"), has been released in September 2014 (אלול ה'תשע"ב). The album contains Heavy Metal arrangements of melodies of Jewish poets and Jewish songs, together with some all original tracks, composed and arranged by Eli.

Eli plays all the guitar parts, in his songs as a solo artist, electric, acoustic, and classical, and uses session musicians, for all other instruments (keyboards, bass guitar, drums). In some of his tunes, Eli also plays bass guitar.

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