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Elizabeth's journey to Hollywood began with humble origins. Born and raised in Indiana on her German/Swiss 1800's family homestead, whose ancestors hail from Amish and Mennonite lineage. She was nurtured by devoted parents, five brothers, one sister and is a proud aunt of twenty-five nieces and nephews. Having developed a love for storytelling and creative arts, she one day mustered the courage to follow her inner calling and left her familiar home behind for the beckoning lights of Hollywood.

Elizabeth began arduous study, finding her artistic family at the famed Playhouse West school. She continues to benefit from the tutelage of James Franco, Jeff Goldblum and Robert Carnegie. In 2013, she co-executive produced and starred in her original short film The Long Wait, in which she dramatized the tragic childhood events that led to the untimely death of her father. The Long Wait was awarded "Best Actor" at the 8th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival, the Ribaut Award for "Best Short Film" and "Best Director" at the 18th Annual Playhouse West Film Festival.

Additionally, Elizabeth devotes time as Founder of Elevating Hope (ElevatingHope.org), a charitable organization that is dedicated to the support and empowerment of those whose emotional lives have been shattered by the death of someone close.

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