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ELK FILM is an independent production company, established in 2013 by director / creative producer Andreas M. Dalsgaard, producer Maria Stevnbak Andersen and designer / editor Nicolas Servide Staffolani.

ELK focuses on film, both fiction and documentary, linking new ideas, culture, emotions and knowledge. We are looking for strong stories that analyzes the past, are rethinking our time and dare to imagine a new future.

We aim to design unique distribution plans for each production beginning in the early financing phase. Distribution plans may incorporate elements from film to social media, books, games, lectures and exhibitions.
Our studio acts as a creative hub where artists and thinkers from different areas meet and engage in each other's work.

We share ideas over a cup of coffee, at dinners and by creative presentations. It is important for us to create a vibrant environment where there is room for curiosity, knowledge and creative artistic works.


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