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Described by Graham Watts (Chairman of Critics’ Circle Dance Section UK) as “carrying that vital spark of originality” and Lilia Prier Tisdall (Dance Critic @ The Place) as “dance at its most physical and most sensual”

Ella Mesma Company make elegant & physical productions that draw from Contemporary, Afro Latin and Hip Hop dance and culture. The only company in the UK to specialise in Latin Dance Theatre, Ella Mesma Company use a unique language to explore social and cultural identity in the UK.

Recent work ‘Ladylike’ was created in November 2015 with the support of Arts Council, The Bench (Tamsin Fitzgerald-2Faced Dance Company), Sketch (Yorkshire Dance) and Casa Festival International. Other works include Orixas, created in 2014, Ecdysis 2012 and Evol 2011.

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