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☞ I'm Elliott.G.Montello

I live my life behind the lens, and love every frame per second of it.

I offer such media skills as -

-Directing for large and small scale productions

-Freelance Cinematographer & Camera Operator.

-Digital Art Design – Photo Manipulation

Some of my credits…

Zombliez – Realm Pictures
Fracture – Cottage Industry Films
Born Of Hope – Actors at Work Productions
Hard Knocks – De Cauze Films
Donaeo – Big Ben Music video – Holyk Films
Nenikekamen – Realm Pictures
Rat Attack Music Video – Pangaea Tv Ltd
Lemon Fest Viral – Lemon Fest Team
Joe Jonas 2011 Tour Video – Hollywood Records
Room94 Music video – Daniel Broadley Films
Day Return – Cottage Industry Films
Do Running Look Book – ProDirect Productions
Nike HyperVenom Rio Film – SoccerBible
and many more…

If you need to contact me or have any question just drop me a-line or an e-mail I will be happy to help :)

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