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My name is Elliott Neep. I'm a photographer and guide with a rather unique name. The first name caused plenty of grief as a child - thanks to Spielberg’s E.T. - and the unusual surname associates me with turnips, which is just as distressing! Nevertheless, as far as I know, I am the only Elliott Neep on this planet, which should make it easier to Google me in the future… If you haven’t guessed already from the videos, I am a wildlife photographer, reputedly a very good one. I have wonderful clients that keep me very busy and I’ve collected a number of awards for my photography. I’ve managed to gather a nice little community of friends and fans on Facebook and if you're really keen you can sign up to my horrendously irregular newsletter via my website at elliottneep.com. My close friends think I’m a rather 'funny guy’ and an interesting character, but ever-so-slightly insane. My safari clients say that I am great company, generous with my time and knowledge, refreshingly unassuming and very modest. Judging by my track record working with various editors, picture researchers and journalists, I know how to work with professional people too. Maybe it's my charming personality or the engaging illustrated articles. Or it could be the 24/7 access to my wonderful images, so they can avoid me altogether :-)

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  • Elliott Neep Photography - Award-winning wildlife photographer and freelance tour leader, supplying images to Getty Images and FLPA, with further representation by Minden Collection and National Geographic
  • Elliott Neep on Facebook - My photography page on Facebook with latest news and images