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My name is Matt Ellsworth, and I am an Emmy nominated video editor and motion graphics designer with a diverse background of various work environments. I have had the opportunity to work on a wide array of projects anywhere from local TV stations and post production houses to national clients and ad agencies such as: Leo Burnett, Comcast, GolfTV, SalesForce, and FPX. Using my skills as a video editor and motion graphic designer, I have created everything from commercials and promotional web videos to music videos and short films.

I currently run my own freelance motion graphics and video editing business titled Ellsworth Dynamic, where I work directly with numerous clientele to produce and edit only the best videos, and create the most creative and innovative motion graphic designs -- as well as storyboarding, on-site video production, editing, compression, sound editing, special visual effects, rotoscoping, and compositing.

I’ve lead numerous projects and executed clients’ needs on a variety of video and motion graphic design projects, taking extra care to carefully follow the clients’ creative and aesthetic suggestions while also providing my own, thereby creating a true collaborative effort.

Using state of the art equipment and several years of experience, I have also provided clients with on-site video production for corporate meetings, testimonial video shoots, and training videos.

In 2002, I created a Midwest television spot for Comcast which was eventually nominated for an Emmy. While I was creatively involved in every step of the process with this particular spot, it was my motion graphic design efforts which resulted in the Emmy nomination.

No matter the scale of the project, I am armed with the experience and skills you need to achieve the best creative solutions for your video needs.

I am available for onsite or offsite contract work. Contact me and let’s create something incredible!

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