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Eloy, meaning “chosen,” will be a feature length documentary that takes viewers across the globe to reveal life through the eyes of children without families. This film celebrates their beauty while posing the very real question of what will happen to them if they continue growing without our help. Finally, Eloy wants to find and provide practical solutions that we as global citizens can adopt to meet this urgent need.

Today, 8 million orphans are living in institutions and tens of millions live on the streets. The emotional and developmental delays for these children are widespread, including detachment disorders, lower IQ levels, and problems with aggression, anxiety and depression. Children left without a family in institutions are 10 times more likely to enter prostitution, 40 times more likely to have a criminal record, and 500 times more likely to commit suicide. Life for the modern day orphan is often unstable, violent, and crushing.

Eloy represents and brings back the voice of every child who is currently living without a family or who is vulnerable to abandonment. To us, Eloy is not a thing, or an idea, it’s a person. And we believe this film will be not just a story, but it will ignite a movement.

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