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Our vision
ELRHA aims to see a global humanitarian community where humanitarian actors actively collaborate with higher education institutes to develop highly professional responders, share expertise and carry out research that noticeably reduces risk and ensures that those suffering from the impact of disasters receive more timely, relevant and sustainable assistance.

Our mission
ELRHA is a collaborative network dedicated to supporting partnerships between higher education institutions and humanitarian organisations and partners around the world.

Today we face humanitarian crises of increasing complexity and severity and, as we anticipate a future of increasing human vulnerability to global events, the need for expertise and research dedicated to finding solutions to humanitarian challenges has never been more pertinent.

Higher Education Institutes represent a phenomenal resource that can and should be harnessed to support the humanitarian endeavour. ELRHA has been set up to help meet this challenge and aims to provide a bridge between the humanitarian and higher education communities.

Since our launch in 2009 ELRHA has become a valued entity to our diverse stakeholder communities; offering valuable services and specialised support to our stakeholders and creating a vibrant collaborative community dedicated to meeting the humanitarian challenges of today and those of the future. This brochure profiles ELRHA’s strategy and ongoing work, and illustrates some of the support services that we offer.

Our objectives
ELRHA aims to stimulate and support collaborative partnerships between academic and humanitarian communities to produce research and training that delivers measurable impact in the prevention of and response to global humanitarian crises.

We work to achieve two principle objectives:

Objective one: To bring together the research community and the international humanitarian community to create world-leading partnerships, which produce research that has measurable impact in the humanitarian field.

Objective two: To further enhance the professionalisation of the humanitarian sector by bringing together organisations, initiatives and universities from around the world with existing experience in training, capacity development and quality assurance for the humanitarian sector, in order to build an international system for professional development and recognition for the humanitarian sector.

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