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El Vrother began in 2009 when Michael was part of a lyrical Latin project. He believed that this project was a bit too old school Spanish ballads and wanted to take his own personal sound out of the background and into the forefront of Latin Music. In April, 2010 he released his first bachata single “Soy Tu Bachatu”. This single was able to get airplay on Last.fm and went on to over 1000 listeners with no promotion at all. This fueled his desire to continue to write music and on June 9, 2011 he released his first single “Yo Soy El Vrother”.

“Yo Soy El Vrother” was a hit right from the start. It’s an incredible Latin theme that makes your body move on its own and over powers anything else on the air to date. It is telling the Latin music scene that El Vrother is here and he has a few stories to tell and this is just one of many to come. This song is a brief overview of his life, but it’s told in a way that captures your attention right away. It is part of a wonderful collection of Latin beats (and there are a few) that have the greatest harmonies ever recorded, the best sultry beats I’ve heard.

El Vrother has created 5 songs and the CD is still in a process of being developed. Even with this first release, he has set a new standard for Latin Music. When you bring all Latin flavors together such as rhythm, texture, styles, harmonies, melodies and storylines, you get a master blend specifically created by El Vrother. This is his signature style.

Latin music is very exciting to create and there is no ending to what can be developed if the passion to explore new ideas exists. El Vrother has that passion.

El Vrother writes his music for his fans and audiences worldwide. He is an international phenom whose potential is endless.

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