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Huntsville, AL

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Game Development, Gaming, Programming, Adult Humor, Ambition, Immaturity

"Elysian Shadows" is a 2D RPG for Sega Dreamcast, Sony PSP, and PC being developed by a group of friends and me. It's our dream to some day finish it and perhaps even have some of you play it.

I post development videos here so that you can watch as development progresses, comment on it, and tell us to hurry the hell up.

We strive to maintain a delicate balance between entertainment and education.

IRC Chat:
#elysian_shadows @ irc.freenode.net

MSN: supersonic_chaos@hotmail.com
AIM: gyrovorbis
Gtalk: gyrovorbis@gmail.com

Development Team:
Falco Girgis (GyroVorbis) - Engine
Alex Wilson (MarauderIIC) - Editor
Kendall Hyatt (AerisAndMe) - Engine
Peter Cartier (Orgodemir-K) - Scripts
Julian Reid (Jools64) - Graphics
Pritam Schönberger (pritam) - Graphics
Thomas Thelwall (Thel1) - Music
Winston (Kleithap) - Website
XxStillAVirgin69xX - Fashion Consultant

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