Emad El Tawil

Egypt - UAE

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I am a 3D Animator, motion picture artist, Video editor, VFX artist. Spearheads the conceptualization of film/video projects for various clients. goes on field to shoot needed scenes/footages. applies advanced 3D solutions for a diverse scope of industries including architectural and urban development to complex installations and digital catalogs. executes various video post-production tasks. blends ideas with illustrations and multimedia effects to provide high quality media-rich interactive 3D & 2D presentations that can be exhibited through numerous mediums including web casting. ensures that post-production equipment is well maintained and operational. researches the latest trends in the field.
almost 15 years of experience handling clients in various industries. creates character animation, modeling, rendering, virtual reality, direct 3D programming & comprehensive multimedia presentations, texture design, still and motion graphics, VFX design animation, composting, special effects and non-linear video editing, and cinema visual effects.
Emad ElTawil,
3d & VFX director and Non-Linear Video Editor,

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