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Here at Ember Lab we have created a culture based on the collaborative creative process. We make it a priority to capture the passion our clients have for their project and infuse it with our own enthusiasm to create an extraordinary and unforgettable product. This culture is the foundation from which Ember Lab has grown and continues to take precedence as we develop and expand.

Ember Lab began in 2008 as an avenue for our team to work on small, independent projects and indulge our desire to explore the technical aspects of visual effects. We designed a workplace for ourselves that fostered collaboration and relied on our team’s ingenuity to continually push the limits of our abilities. We have had the opportunity to grow significantly in recent years taking on increasingly ambitious projects including: advertising media for The Coca-Cola Company and Polaroid, feature films, stereographic 3D commercials, successful web series, and animation projects.

Despite our increased production and physical growth, the studio remains committed to its initial mission: leveraging the passion, excitement and talent that our clients bring to us by developing and producing quality visual effects that strengthen their stories.

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