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Emelena Media House is a boutique video production company of cinematographers, writers, editors, and technicians, an egalitarian band of inspired artists whose creative ideal is working together on challenging ads and coming up with innovative solutions.

We create a concept, and then shoot, edit, and produce for you. We create videos for start-ups, special interest groups, micro-mini niche firms, as well as for large, well-established firms and non-profits

Email: info@emelenamedia.com


  1. Carlos Lascano
  2. Haunted Secret
  4. Lena Shpak
  5. Sarah Begum
  6. Marcela Carvalho
  7. Jeremy Hansen
  8. Theodore Ushev
  9. David Hubert
  10. Alex Roman
  11. Deep Green Sea
  12. Miguel Endara
  13. Andrew Harris
  14. Matt Morris Films
  15. Gradwell Sears
  16. Michael Stahlberg
  17. Moon Bounce
  18. Nicholas Candreva

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