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The Student Emergency Assistance Scholarship Fund (S.E.A.) was established by Mea Boykins, a Spelman alumna C'11. S.E.A. was created to assist juniors and seniors at Spelman College who have exhausted all of their financial resources, including grants, loans, scholarships, work income, and family contribution, thus placing them at risk for expulsion. S.E.A. aims to raise the funds that are necessary to assist these students fulfilling their goals of graduating college. The requirements to be a recipient of S.E.A. include a minimum GPA of 3.0 and community service involving women's empowerment and uplifting the youth. Thus far, S.E.A. has awarded three scholarships in the amount of $2,500 to Stephany Tomlinson, C'12, Sascha Betts C'12, and Ashley Cousins, C'11. S.E.A. is consistently seeking corporate and individual donors. Any donation $5 or more is tax-deductible.

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