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Espace Mendes France, Poitiers : The adventure of science in all its diversity

The Espace Mendes France owes its existence to researchers from the University of Poitiers, strong advocates of popular science and education who in the 1980s went out to meet local residents to discuss their work and show, using hands-on demonstrations, that science could be accessible and even fascinating to the general public.

Situated in the heart of the Romanesque city, the center for scientific and technical culture of Poitiers is invested with three missions: popularizing the sciences and their professions, educating the public in science and technology, and providing a forum for discussion of social and cultural issues. These actions almost systematically involve researchers and scientists.

The Espace Mendes France is a permanent site for exchange, culture and recreation which is open to everyone, every day of the week, where the general public and scientists, artists and players from all branches of the professional, educational and non-profit sectors naturally come together to share their ideas.

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