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Reykjavik, Iceland

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Looking over a large and colorful tundra, in the distance between organically formed rock installations and surrounding mossy hills, lies a small patch of birch trees. From the small patch, a faint muffle of sound can be heard, resonating from the cluster of birches. On closer inspection the sound appears to be coming from inside the peculiar patch. I follow the sound until I reach a clearing into  the foresty zone. Outside everything looks familiar, but as I step inside everything changes, light dissipates into a black hue. Reaching around in the darkness, searching for something tactile, the sound of a light switch enters my attention. A single bulb hangs from one of the trees, illuminating everything around it. Underneath the bulb are four tables, each with its own set of objects and artifacts. 

The first table is covered with minerals in all shapes and sizes, proudly glowing with interesting colors. It's as if all the minerals are carrying a chaotic quarrel with each other, but instead of voices, colorful blinks of light bounces off between them.  

On the second table rests a big book. On the front in embossed letters one can read "The secret  Encyclopedia of Volcanic rocks and minerals". Between the pages of the book I spot a notepaper with indecipherable scribblings and drawings of geometric shapes, the handwriting appears to be Icelandic. The only sentence I can make out is 'undarlegt hegðun', which I believe means 'strange behavior'. 

Third table; An old tape recorder with what sounds like a live recording of some kind. I hear a strangely pitched voice talking followed by laughter, then the same voice again followed by a new round of laughter. This goes on for a while, until the voice becomes inaudible and this time the laughter changes into loud chattering, the name Asgrimsson appears several times in-between the chatter, the whole thing ends with a male-like voice shouting the name Emil. The tape reel disconnects and lands on the table with a comic thud. 

On the last table there is a tall glass container with a strange molecular shape inside. Underneath the container is a pair of jumper-wires. Following the wires I discover that they are affixed to the adjacent tables, making up a joined connection. The glass container has a small label on with the name Emil Asgrimsson written on it.   

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