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My website: emilogy.com

Photography & Videography (Aerials, Portraits, Real Estate and Events), Graphic Design, DJing and Music Production. Idea to finished product with 1 person.
Emil (Beatsnatcher) Brikha is a Photographer and Videographer specializing in Aerials, Portraits, Real Estate and Events. Also a seasoned DJ and controllerist, Music Producer and Writer. 3 full albums, 1 USA tour, 1 festival tour with the National Theater in Sweden, numerous collaborations and NETplay releases under the belt.

Emil Brikha the Photographer/Videographer captures moments in an original and authentic way, putting things in focus which most people might tend to walk idle by without noticing. A refreshing take on visual art in balance between technical knowledge and artistic creativity.

As a Music Producer and Performer he presents a huge variety of genres. This restless spirit takes on the world with a very naked attitude that shines through the words and the productions. It's uncensored, raw and honest.

As DJ Beatsnatcher he combines musical creativity and seamless mixing with a great passion for all types of music that makes you want to shake your ass. It's tightly mixed, delivered in original mixing styles and crowd energizing skills.

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