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México / Brazil

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Emiliano Kore is a "hyperactive gypsy soul terranean", born in México in the 80's.
Lived eating mostly hot chilly food until he went traveling around the world... Lived in France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark and today he is based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Soaked with a huge "will to learn, create & travel" but mainly enjoying every little moment of life...

Since the mid 90's... he was doing jingles, scores, sound design, mix & master, and all that crazy lab work ...
Besides touring the world as a dj for about 10 years...

Although his line of work was mostly with music & sound, he added a little bit of spice learning photography and making films as a Writter, Director, DP/Cinematographer, Editor, Motion Grapher, and Coulorist... and whenever there's free time trying to surf around any paradisiac place to be discovered, of course... in all range of styles, tones and frequencies...

welcome aboard & enjoy the ride !!!

𝄢 𝄀 ♪ ♩♫ ♪ !!!

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