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México / Brazil

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Emiliano Kore is a "hyperactive gypsy soul terranean", born in mexico on da 80's.
Soaked with a huge "will to learn & travel" but mainly enjoying every little moment of life...

Living actually in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Since the mid 90's... he's been doing jingles, scores, sound design, mix & master, and all that crazy lab work ...
Besides touring the world as a dj for about 10 years...

Although his line of work has been mostly with music & sound, he added a little bit of spice making films & photograpy, and on the free time trying to surf around any paradisiac place to be known, of course... in all range of styles, tones and frequencies...

welcome aboard & enjoy the ride !!!

𝄢 𝄀 ♪ ♩♫ ♪ !!!

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