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I love to take photos and to tell stories (long or short).
I love where I live, it is my inspiration.
I love people, life, sun, light, waves, wind and rain too.
I love rock'n'roll & chocolate.
I love surf!
I love the song of the Ruru at night in New-Zealand montains.
I come from a tiny village in France, where Idiscovered photography and darkrooms.
I studied design and art and then photojournalism.
I work on my personal subjects and assignments.
I am represented by two agencies: NZ art show in New-Zealand & Ektadoc in France.
I Won 'le meridien new york + the lens' contest in 2009.
I was shortlisted best young photojournalist scoop d'anger 2010
I've been selected Photographer of the month ANI september 2011
I've been selected for the NZ art show 2013

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