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  1. Char Tan
  2. The White House
  3. The Lumen Christi Institute

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  1. Title: Solfeggietto Performer: Programmed by Christopher Hunter Composer/Song Writer: C.P.E. Bach Year/Era: Classical Period
  2. Title: Sonata in F Minor Performer: Akin Unver - Chapman's Stick Composer/Song Writer: Domenico Scarlatti Year/Era:Baroque Period
  3. Title: Sanctus Performer: Platinum Consort Composer/Song Writer: Orlande de Lassus c. 1532-1594 Year/Era: Renaissance Period
  4. Mr. Nott commented on Muddy Waters
    Title: Rollin' Stone (Catfish Blues) Performer: Muddy Waters Composer/Song Writer: His version of the Catfish Blues from the 1920s Year/Era: recorded in 1950