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Emon Hassan (emonhassan.com) is a New York-based Filmmaker, Photographer, Multimedia Producer, and Editor. He is the Founder of Guitarkadia (guitarkadia.com), a site devoted to telling original stories around guitars, and the visual blog, emonome (emonone,com). He is the creator, writer, and producer of the Sci-Fi/Supernatural web series, The Third (thethirdwebseries.com), which he is adapting for TV.

Emon is a frequent contributor to The New York Times. His work has also appeared in Narratively, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Einestages, Guitar Player, BBC, PBS and more,

His photography work can be found here and all his video work can be viewed here.

Contact Emon at: emon.hassan@gmail.com or 347-767-5755

Twitter: twitter.com/emonhassan
Facebook: fb.com/emonhassan.ny
Google+ : gplus.to/emonhassan

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