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  1. Video Journalism

    by John Winslow Poole joined

    11.9K Videos / 4,066 Members

    A place for visual storytelling and documentary journalism. Let's see some good stuff!

  2. Canon HD video

    by Gogainet joined

    14.2K Videos / 2,480 Members

  3. Documentary

    by wendy testu joined

    6,962 Videos / 2,762 Members

    This group is about any video meant to document a project a place or an event using video as your art form.

  4. African Film

    by Andre Le Roux joined

    196 Videos / 112 Members

    A group to showcase films from and about the African continent, Short films. documentaries, travel, fashion, life.

  5. Africa

    by Jeremy Weate joined

    824 Videos / 350 Members

    African films, documentaries, shorts etc.

  6. Political Video Art

    by heidi r.c.n.w joined

    790 Videos / 475 Members

    Are your video works political? Are they— this one is more tricky— art? If you make video art about political issues, this is the group to share your work.

  7. Video Installations

    by Michael Spencer joined

    1,358 Videos / 585 Members

  8. Art Video Gallery

    by SuperTV joined

    686 Videos / 188 Members

    This is a community were artist share and show art performances, video art, interviews with people in the art world. I hope that this can be a forum for artists around the world sharing works with…

  9. contemporary art video, visual arts

    by lili-oto joined

    2,862 Videos / 604 Members

  10. Theatrical Trailers & Shorts

    by Underground Planet joined

    3,144 Videos / 1,569 Members

    This channel is now a GROUP! WHOOT! So add away, just please keep video's within the theme of this group. =) Got a trailer, a short, or even a full scene? Show it here! Sorry but no music…

  11. The Art Pack

    by FatCat Films joined

    11.4K Videos / 2,645 Members

    Webzine on Art and Culture. Let us know about your work !! Please add only short Documentaries and experimentals videos, no short and no demo reel. Thank you and enjoy! FOLLOW US : http://www.facebook.com/FatCatFilms

  12. Al Jazeera Frames

    by Omar Khalifa joined

    41 Videos / 121 Members

    AL JAZEERA FRAMES gives outstanding storytellers the chance to have their work aired on an international broadcasting network. Breaking down the traditional model of acquiring and commissioning…

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