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Empty Files is a music and audiovisual project created and self-produced by Txufo Wilson in Bilbao. The project debuted in summer 2013 with their first self-titled EP. Presented in digital format and for free with the video of "File 00_" through their Bandcamp and official page.

Working in the industrial rock and electronic genres as with cinematic environments, this first EP is written, performed and produced by Txufo Wilson with the collaborations of Triames, Smoke Idols and Urtzi Iza (Links). It was mixed and mastered by the producer and sound engineer José Lastra. Rebeka Arce, graphic designer and photographer, is responsible for the visual appearance and design and also the art director of the project.

In December 2013 the EP is published in most digital stores and streaming services. There are no physical copies of this album and in the meantime the project is working on new material for 2014.


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