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Empty Gym Productions is the collaborative efforts of Danielle Firoozi, and Devin McNulty.

Devin McNulty was born in Denver, Colorado and received his BFA in Music from the California Institute of the Arts. Devin has traveled widely while working on different films and live performances in a multitude of capacities including as composer, sound recordist, cinematographer, and director. In addition to directing The Process is the Thing, and The Machine is the People, he has worked closely on various film and performance projects with Mike Kelley, and has released two albums with his band Mad Gregs. He has several film projects in development through Empty Gym Productions.

Danielle Firoozi is a Los Angeles-based film producer, visual artist, and co-founder of Empty Gym Productions. In addition to her work on Empty Gym Productions, she recently wrapped production on the narrative feature film FARAH GOES BANG. Half-Iranian and born into a family of global project managers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Danielle excels at facilitating large scale endeavors with ease. Danielle lived for ten years in Shanghai, China where she learned to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently, and completed her B.F.A. in Studio Art at New York University.


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