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Don’t let it surprise you to see his body swinging back and forth unconciously in the DJ cabin.Among Emrah’s DJ features , mixing different styles of music and blending with transition techniques take the lead. The music he plays can be interpreted,in his own words, as an adventure. By giving place to the pieces at the extreme points more than popular ones at the head of his music, he has become one of the most successful DJs of Turkey in a short time.

While going up in his career at a trot with the success he has taken in international music platform, He has made his different style recognized intensely with the performances he showed with John Digweed,Fedde Le Grand, Bob Sinclair, Laurent Wolf,etc...Besides his degree of being the finalist by leaving 130 opponents behind in “The Best DJ Championship of Middle East” which took place by Pioneer in 2011, he has been going on his music career successfully by having been chosen the #12th Dj who is listened the most in the whole world in the poll carried out by Mixcloud in 2012.

Thanks to his holding his position as a consistent DJ and producer in all aspects of electronic music in such mature and sophisticated manner,his colurful character, unique choice of pieces and talents, he now plays for the most prestigious club,party and festivals.


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