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  1. Rusudan Panozishvili
  2. Jemedari Media

    Jemedari Media Nairobi, Kenya


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    Jemedari media is a Cinematography company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We aim to provide creative and innovative quality video solutions to our clients. Jemedari Media provides professional high quality video products, from Weddings, Corporate Company Profiles, Short Films, Music Videos, Event coverage…

  3. Diego Barrera

    Diego Barrera Santiago de Chile


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    www.celestial-twins.com Diegobarrera6@gmail.com

  4. ZAGA's Videos

    ZAGA's Videos Bitola


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    This is a profile of the Zaga Production employes. ZAGA Production it's a company that exist from 2002, in Macedonia, it's available worldwide. It has 30 employes with CEO Bojan Mitkovski and Dalibor Mitkovski. http://vimeo.com/zagaproduction http://www.zagaproduction.com

  5. nicolupovids

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