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Enable Berlin is an open platform exploring the possibilities of skills/knowledge sharing, -open everything-, and collaborative work.
We actively support local creativity and provide sound concepts for our clients.
Enable Berlin is an open-design platform where creatives from various backgrounds meet to:
⁃ solve challenges together
⁃ research develop and apply collaborative methodologies and open-everything benefits
⁃ share skills, knowledge and insights
⁃ enable locals to take action

* and share the good news! we want to know about all the interesting projects happening in Berlin!

What do we want to do?
Through Enable Berlin we want to:
⁃ invite everybody to come and share ideas and knowledge.
⁃ share what we do and discover with the world.
⁃ reflect collectively to solve social challenges by giving insights and producing innovative concepts.
⁃ create an ecology which allow us to do all the above and sustain ourselves.

How do we want to do it?
We are organizing our resources in order to:
⁃ Open sessions – having a space where we meet regularly
⁃ Self-documentation – documenting and sharing our process and findings through web uploads.
⁃ Networking – Build up a solid network of proactive individuals
⁃ Invite partners involved in social challenges to present their projects and questions, assist them with concepts and insights as well as with networking
⁃ Undertake challenges submitted by private institutions to provide sound commercial and social solutions. Both sustaining the project and giving opportunities to individuals to use their skills and get cash.

Why do we do it?
We are convinced that such a model helps towards a better world because
⁃ wicked challenges are better solved collectively
⁃ openly sharing our process and findings we help, and others help us, developing and reviewing.
⁃ we know there is some magic when we meet and work face to face
⁃ we keep the freedom to chose the projects we get involved in

By sharing we help the world becoming a better place, for all!

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