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  1. 07:18

    AniJam 2015

    by Encounters SFF

    5 Videos

    Short but very sweet - AniJam 2015

  2. 02:00

    AniJam 2013

    by Encounters SFF

    2 Videos

    4 Teams signed up, 3 Teams started the Challenge, 2 Teams finished. Animation doesn’t get tougher than this! During the 19th Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival groups of animators…

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  4. 46:46

    0117 Hour Digital Short Challenge 2013

    by Encounters SFF

    16 Videos

    The most hectic competition in the South West reaches its third edition. This is the showcase of the 2013 entries. The films were realised in 117 hours, explored Bristol Temple Quarter, focusing on…

  5. 05:43

    AniJam 2012

    by Encounters SFF

    5 Videos

    Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival teamed up with Show Me The Animation in 2012 to hold the AniJam Challenge, a 48hr creative animation mission. 48hrs to create an animation from start…

  6. 38:54

    Inside Encounters 2012

    by Encounters SFF

    8 Videos

    Content created by the New Film Journalism Workshop team for the Inside Encounters blog, keeping everyone updated with highlights from Encounters Film Festival 2012. http://insideencounters.tumblr.com/

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