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Endemol Design is a creative studio specialized in motion graphic design, animation and visual effects for television, advertising and all kinds of good looking (business) communications.

All of our concept developers have a solid background in design and animation, plus all necessary skills in directing audiovisual productions. As a result, our concept developers are able to complete their own concepts fully independently, without the need to align large and expensive production teams. This enables us to work very fast and efficiently, which benefits effective productions and of course a pleasant coöperation with our clients.

What can we do for you? Well, basically everything, small or big, that contains a good concept and good (motion) graphic design, whether it’s on- or offline, with or without live action footage, high quality 3D animations, voice-overs, custom music, photography, etc. etc.

For example, the things we do on a regular basis are: corporate brand design, advertising/communication campaigns (online, RTV, print), keynotes and business presentations, short product and corporate films, infographics (motion or still), and last but not least, television (brand) design. Our clients include broadcasters, advertisers, advertising agencies, media buyers, design agencies, corporate businesses and government.

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