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It was in the remote 1997. When I finally had the fortune to find Meschia and its beauty.

Before that moment, I had carried out some researches to satisfy my desire to find a suitable place for bouldering following my natural aptitude for this sport.

After a somehow timid approach, time went by and games became more and more serious. Without neither strategies nor my practical knowledge bouldering was entering in its second life.

Being completely unaware of the great movement that was about start, a few privileged people and I were living a "New morning" of stones, which I called the birth of the "New Bouldering Generation".

I was about 20 years old then and I was fully conscious of such a luck. I was living my body fully, submerging it in nature where the forms of the marvelous sandstone rocks were plunged.

Every day was devoted to the destruction of a new barrier considered impossible up to that moment, sweeping any uncertainties away to transform those dreams made of grips in true milestones of bouldering trying a few unpredictable movements again and again. All this was changing my point of view and my desire to be so I started "to be".

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