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Enrola Tv, audiovisual born as an initiative that aims to bring television to the Internet as mass medium getting ahead of technological developments. The channel includes providing information as a concept that achieves entertain andacculturating the receiver. Showing the entire Capital of the World, as a seductive and multicultural city. We intend to drive a similarly informal concept, a production of high quality standard in the final result that integrates our professional standards. All this hand knowledge and good management of organizational systems, using advances in technology for productivity.

Enrola Tv, urban chronicles the length and width of the Big Apple. With a special coating stripping all corners of New York as the city more attractive for its large number of residents from all over the world. Biweekly, 6 notes per program, with 2 letters of a community nature. Management of a cheerful and fluent language A concept-level free and professional production. Using post-production tool that offers a more personalized in terms of image and animation. Management concept "Top of Mind", generating a reminder of our characteras a representative body of the common citizen of this city.

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