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INEO is Latin for : I enter, I go into, I begin

The services we provide include:
- Rehearsal and Recording Studios
- Audio and Visual Production
- 3D Projection Mapping for Events
- Open Concept Office Spaces

INEO Studios holds its roots in creating an environment where people feel inspired to create. While we are continually striving to expand and bring new people on board, we see there being great value in the power of the people and the resources we are fortunate enough to help provide. In doing so, we have built 3 state-of-the-art rehearsal and recording studios equipped with projectors, mixing boards, mics, and sound systems to melt the ears. In addition, our open concept office spaces serve to provide smaller companies with the benefits of shared costs while gaining direct access to large studio space and a community atmosphere.

Furthermore, the INEO team takes aim at developing and creating live shows for artists both auditory and visually. Our focus strives from connecting image and sound as one in order to enhance the experience of both. We are devoted to developing the way people experience music and visual arts. Our family of artists and musicians are committed to helping others present their full vision to the world. In doing so, it is our purpose to discover an evolving artistic medium in the audio visual realm where a concept can be found through a combination of traditional and cutting-edge technologies. We believe that every artist is unique and therefore, we work with each artist individually to approach the project in a manner that will most effectively tell their story. Regardless of genre or audience size, we are able to help artists make the most out of their resources, as well as expose them to necessary technologies and methods of sharing their story to the world. Our diverse collective of professionals allows us to assemble a team that is specific to each projects needs. We can be involved at varying levels of degree dependent upon what each project requires. Whether it be one person, or an entire team, we have the combination of skills needed to create your audio visual environment.

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